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Z I O N  U N I T E D  C H U R C H  O F   C H R I S T

Third and Jackson Streets

Decatur, Indiana


(*) All who are able, please stand

May 19, 2024




Gathering Music:                                                          Shelly Nussbaum

The Church Bell Rings:      

The Worship Leaders Enter:                                 Liturgist: Carl Stevens

The Welcome and Announcements:                                            Liturgist

          (Visitors: Please sign the Friendship Folder)


Please take a moment and quiet your minds and open your hearts

as we enter this time of worship.

 The Prelude:                                

The Light of Christ Appears:                                                    

The Invitation To Worship:

*The Call to Worship:                                                                  Liturgist


          One: God has done great things for us!

Many: We declare God’s mighty works with all we have!

One: In a world where there is deceit and unkindness,

Many: We declare God’s mighty works with all we have!

One: We praise the One who has kept us safe and provided for us.

Many: We worship the One who has blessed us with holy wisdom!

One: Let us worship God together!

Many: Come, Holy Spirit!


*The Hymn of Praise:                 “God Of Our Fathers"               No. 573



*The Invocation:                                                                           Liturgist


Jesus, our friend, we thank you for your example, which guides us as we share the good news of God’s love with a hurting world. Thank you for protecting us, teaching us, and equipping us to partner with you to work for love and justice. Help us share the joy we’ve found in our relationship with you. Empower us with the Holy Spirit, that we might testify to God’s goodness. Amen.


The Scripture Reading:               Acts 2: 1-21                              Liturgist                                 

                                                                                    Pew Bible, pg. 948


*The Gloria Patri:                                                                           No. 623


* Prayer for Transformation and New Life:                                  Liturgist


Gracious God, Jesus prayed that his disciples would be protected from deceit. Sometimes, it’s not easy to be bold in sharing how God’s love has impacted our lives. We ask forgiveness for the times we have not been strong enough in sharing our truth, for fear of how others would respond. Help us find strength in Your promises to us. Help us share our joy with abundance. Amen.


*Words of Grace:

Friends, take comfort. None of Jesus’ disciples found this work to be easy, and sometimes they faltered. We aren’t expected to be perfect either. We are sanctified in God’s truth. Christ prays for us and guides our words and actions. We always have opportunities to grow in our discipleship, as long as we trust in Christ to lead us.


By the grace of God, we are forgiven. Amen.



Prayers Of The People: (In remembrance, gladness, gratitude, & need)


Time With The Children:


The Invitation to Prayer:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

                              Leader:  The Lord is with you.

                             People: And also with you.

                             Leader: Let us pray.


The Pastoral Prayer:


The Prayer Response:                                                          Chancel Choir


*The Sermon Hymn:   "Breathe On Me, Breath Of God"            No. 259


The Scripture Reading:                    John 17: 6-19                        Rev. Kahler

                                                                                           Pew Bible, Pg. 941


The Sermon:                           “In the World”                        Rev. Kahler

(Children 6-10 may leave for Junior Church)


Invitation to Generosity and Blessing: (Responsively)             Liturgist


 Just as everything given to Jesus comes from God, everything given to us comes from Jesus, the foremost human example for our faith. May we respond to that gift with joy, mindful of the ways God works in this church, intros community, and in this world.


With these gifts, help us show this love in our words and actions, caring for the vulnerable and offering hope in times of despair. Amen.                                                   

  The Moment of Offering:                                                     Ushers serve


  The Offertory Music:                                                                                                                                                              



* The Prayer of Dedication: (For the Strengthen The Church Offering)


                             Still speaking God, we dedicate these offerings to strengthen           your church. Through these gifts, may new and renewing congregations           share         in the blessings we have known. May youth        and young adults be nurtured    for leadership in your church.   May we call forth and equip pastoral and lay leaders with the      heart for you. And may we           fulfill your Pentecost vision, extending       your extravagant welcome to all people. Amen.

(Please Be Seated)



The Holy Communion


The Invitation:


Dearest friends, at this table the Spirit welcomes us all. Here she gives special honor to the hungry and the poor. Here she renews creation with healing and peace. Here she pledges a graceful world to come, a world of joy and dignity for all. And here she lets us taste it, the new way of being together; bearing each other’s burdens, sharing each other’s joys, practicing pardon, eating in peace, justice in all we say and do.  So come to the Spirit’s table.  Receive new life.

It is for you, for me, for everyone.


    Let us pray: 

From the first day to the last, O God, you are generous and kind, filling the world with mercy’s bread, pouring the cup of mercy’s joy.


You give us gifts too many to count:

our hearts overflow when we remember you.

Even in death, life abounds.




And so we praise you, singing your glory with every creature you       made.


*The Doxology and Presentation of Our Gifts:                                         No. 625


Prayer To The Holy Spirit/ Lord’s Prayer:


Distribution of Communion:


Prayer of Thanksgiving after Communion:

Holy God, Divine Designer-
With gentle compassion, you unite us as vine and branches, whether near or far. For your meal we share our gratitude. With thanksgiving we voice our joy for our siblings in faith who shared the table with the Christ and with us. Our souls are rejuvenated with your Holy Refreshment. Send us into the world today with joy in our hearts and excited to proclaim your radical love in this world. Amen.


*The Hymn of Commitment: “Eternal Father, Strong To Stay"   No. 575


*The Benediction:


*The Song of Departing Friends:          “Amazing Grace”            No. 202 

                                                          Amazing grace, how sweet the sound

                                                          That saved a wretch like me.

                                                          I once was lost but now am found,

                                                          Was blind but now I see.


*The Moment for Silent Prayers                                                                      Chimes

*The Light is carried forth                                                          Acolytes

*The Worship Leaders exit

*The Postlude                                                                                 Organist



Each of Us                                                                                                                        Minister of Christ

Rev. Allen Kahler                                                                                                               Minister

Barb Engle                                                                                                              Congregation President

Jan Miller                                                                                                                           Board Secretary

Maggie Bolinger                                                                                                                 Office Secretary

Stacey Smith                                                                                                                     Church Treasurer

Lisa Krueckeberg                                                                                                           Financial Secretary

Shelly Nussbaum                                                                                        Music Director/Church Organist

Kacie Shaffer                                                                                                                                Custodian

Justin Shaffer                                                                                                                     Building Manager 


Bob Noack, Jerry Hill                                                                                                             Door Greeters

Bruce Reidenbach, Carl Stevens                                                                                                      Ushers

Ushers                                                                                                                                             Acolytes


We welcome all members, visitors, and guests to our worship service this morning. Visitors are asked to take a few moments to sign the Friendship Folder located in each pew and place in the offering plate.


Please join us in the dining room after worship for a time of fellowship and cookies, coffee, and punch.


Altar flowers and bulletins are presented today by Scott and Brenda Strickler in honor of Bob and Mary Strickler’s 70th wedding anniversary. Congratulations, Bob and Mary!!


Today we will receive our special offering for Strengthen The Church. This offering supports the expansion of ministry and growth of UCC local congregations. Enclosed in today’s bulletin is an envelope for your use. Your support of this offering will help the UCC fulfill its commitment to creating a just world for all by investing in new ministries and practices that meet the emerging needs of local communities.


There is a signup sheet on the music cabinet for Summer Special Music.  Special Music is needed through Sept.  You are responsible for both Special Music and Offertory.  If you DO NOT want to perform Offertory, please indicate on the sheet or contact Shelly Nussbaum. 


We will celebrate Graduate Sunday on June 2nd. We will honor Jacob Strickler and Addie Shaffer as they graduate high school. Please let Janet Smith know if there are other students completing their education. A reception will be given in their honor after service.


Former pastor Rev. Larry and Pansy Balleine lost their home in Wisconsin to fire the first weekend in May.  Larry suffered some burns on his arm but other than that they are fine.  They have been given the parsonage from Larry’s last ministry as a temporary home. However, the house was a total loss and they lost everything except a few things that had been stored in their basement.  While talking with Pansy, I told her I knew people at Zion would like to help in some way.  Pansy noted that was not necessary but started that everything helps and is appreciated.  As we know, even with insurance, not everything can be covered. The Official Board has voted to send $1000 to cover immediate expenses and to collect other donations through the end of June from others who wish to help.  If you wish to donate by check, please make the check to Zion UCC and note it is for the Balleines.  Thanks in advance for your help.


Barb Engle. Congregational President


Looking Ahead


                             Today, May 19:  Pentecost Sunday

                                                      Strengthen The Church Offering

                                                      Search Committee, Lounge 6 p.m.


                              Monday, May 20-27: Rev Kahler on vacation


                             Wednesday, May 22-30: Office Secretary on vacation.


                             Sunday, May 26: Rev. Susan O’Shaughnessy, Guest Pastor


Sunday. June 2: Graduate Sunday

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