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We  recognize many of our church family will be severely impacted financially during this time of crisis. We encourage you to utilize the many resources available as far as food and financial help and know that our members will continue to support and look out for our neighbors, families, and community.

It is also critical that we continue to contribute financially to Zion during these stressful times.

Anyone would like to receive the Sacrament of Home Communion who is not a regular recipient, or anyone who would like to have a home visit is asked to contact the church office (724-3502), and the necessary arrangements will be mad


We begin our celebration of Advent with our "Hanging of the Greens" service on Sunday, December 3rd during worship. We hope you will join us for this meaningful service.

The Fort Wayne Philharmonic String Quartet will present their Advent concert on Sunday, December 3rd  at 7 p.m. Refreshments will be provided by the Music and Worship Committee after the concert in the dining room. A freewill offering will be received after the concert.

Our chancel choir will present the cantata "Love Came Down" during worship December 17th. They are working very hard on this and it is always a wonderful addition to our Christmas season.


We will observe our Memorial Sunday on December 31st. This is a special time to remember those members of Zion, as well as other loved ones, who have passed away in 2023.

Candlelight Christmas Eve services will be held on Sunday, December 24th, beginning at 9 p.m. This is a casual service of music and readings to celebrate the birth of our Lord.

 Our 2024 Official Board will be installed and commissioned during worship on December 31st. Please pray for those who have answered the call to serve Zion in the coming year.


The flower and bulletin charts are in the West vestibule for those who would like to sponsor them for 2024., Cost of flowers in $30 per week. Bulletins are $10. Flowers are yours to keep after the service.

Annual committee reports are due in to the office no later than January 15th for inclusion in the 2023 Annual Report. Also, please submit any address changes for the directory section. The mailing will take place the first week of February in time for Lent, which begins February  14th.


Creator God, maker of all that is good.

Comforter God, restorer of peace between all peoples.

Redeemer God, healer of wounds that inflict trauma and chaos:

We turn to you this day crying out for an end to a war that rages across the land of Ukraine, 

threatens the lives of its inhabitants, and displaces millions of children no longer able to sleep in their beds, 

attend their schools, or play with their friends.

May your Spirit of peace soften the hearts of the politicians who rattle their sabers

 and threaten nuclear annihilation.

May your vision of a just world thwart the ambitions of dictators who are thirsty for conquer

 and lusting for lands over which to rule.

May your hope of shalom engender within our own hearts the call to let there be peace on Earth,

 and let it begin with us.

Help us find the pathway to peace, a Just Peace, built on human rights and equity not just in Ukraine

 but in every land where bombs and guns are the sounds to which children fall asleep and from which families flee.

You are the source of our peace.

You are the horizon of our hope.

You are the author of our love.

May the promise of your enduring peace, your abiding hope, and your everlasting love sustain us all

 and bring the promise of a new and better day to the people of Ukraine.


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